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New Mitsubishi Shogun

New Mitsubishi Shogun
  • Aggressive, iconic 4x4 design
  • Gritty off-road ability
  • Civilised on the road
  • Powerful, efficient 3.2-litre engine
  • Available in SWB or LWB
  • Generous amount of standard equipment
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Mitsubishi Shogun

With names like Warrior and Barbarian, you might be inclined to believe that the Mitsubishi Shogun is nothing but a savage. While its famed for its off-road ability, the rumour that it’s completely uncivilised is absolutely false. The Mitsubishi Shogun is just as refined, elegant, and luxurious as the rest of its family, with a design that fits in around the city, but a tenacity that roars on the open road. With a choice of two different wheelbases, both short and long, and the potential to carry seven people, it’s no wonder that one of the first and now one of the only authentic 4x4s on the market is and has been a favourite for everyday motoring. It’s powerful 3.2-litre turbo-diesel engine produces significant low-down torque, and its Super-Select 4WD system provides unparalleled off-road ability and on-road efficiency, without giving up any of those standard creature comforts you love.

Shogun Features

Mitsubishi Shogun - Iconic design

Iconic design

The Mitsubishi Shogun stays true to its precision-based roots. Its boxy shape continues the iconic tradition of militant style while rounded corners give it the urban chic you crave.
Mitsubishi Shogun - Off-road ability

Off-road ability

With its high ground clearance and Super-Select 4WD system and lockable differential, the Mitsubishi Shogun is an unstoppable force off-road. When put into 4WD? The off-roading experience gets more extreme.
Mitsubishi Shogun - On-road ability

On-road ability

The Mitsubishi Shogun is a civilised barbarian on the road. Switch between 4WD and 2WD to conserve fuel. For such a big car, the Shogun has light and efficient steering to make those in-town tight manoeuvres with ease.
Mitsubishi Shogun - Interior space

Interior space

With a deep storage pocket between the front seats for all your things, and an exceptional amount of interior space, the Mitsubishi shogun delivers plenty of legroom and headroom, giving you optimum comfort.


Mitsubishi Shogun
Mitsubishi Shogun
Mitsubishi Shogun

More Features

Mitsubishi Shogun - Enormous boot

Enormous boot

There’s never any question of being able to fit all your gear in the back of your LWB 7-seat Shogun. This model boasts a substantial 663-litre boot with the middle bench in place, and a 221-litre boot with the two rearmost seats in place.
Mitsubishi Shogun - MMCS Premium Navigation

MMCS Premium Navigation

For ease of access with your cars settings, the SWB Warrior, SWB Barbarian, SG3, SG4 and SG5 trims, the MMCS Premium Navigation system is a 7-inch high-definition touch-screen system.
Mitsubishi Shogun - Powerful HID headlights

Powerful HID headlights

The Shogun’s powerful HID or bi-xenon headlights were designed with the deepest, darkest off-road trails in mind. They illuminate clearly and precisely, giving you the comfort and safety to blaze forward: Even at night.
Mitsubishi Shogun - Safety as standard

Safety as standard

In the event of a collision, the Mitsubishi Shogun comes standard with curtain airbags that extend along both sides of the cabin. The first row occupants are protected by front and side airbags.

Shogun Colours

Mitsubishi Shogun - Available in Imperial Red

Imperial Red

Mitsubishi Shogun - Available in Granite Brown

Granite Brown

Mitsubishi Shogun - Available in Frost White

Frost White

Mitsubishi Shogun - Available in Fairway Green

Fairway Green

Mitsubishi Shogun - Available in Eiger Grey

Eiger Grey

Mitsubishi Shogun - Available in Diamond Black

Diamond Black

Mitsubishi Shogun - Available in Cool Silver

Cool Silver

For the trim levels, colours and more detailed info, download or order the Mitsubishi Shogun brochure

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New Mitsubishi Shogun
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