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New Mitsubishi L200

New Mitsubishi L200 5 Series
  • A sleek and aerodynamic design; a rugged and ready pick-up
  • Standard Super Select 4WD-II
  • Standard, premium leather interior
  • Standard satellite navigation
  • Four-door double-cab for practicality and ease of access
  • Generous 1,470mm square load bed
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Mitsubishi L200

The latest generation pick-up truck from Mitsubishi comes standard with an easy-select 4WD system with rear differential, Hill Stars Assist, and keyless entry. Meet the L200. Meet the L200 in four different builds and four different standards of functionality: 4Life, The Titan, the Warrior, and the Barbarian. If you haven’t guessed it from the names, the L200 really is a beast, capable of returning over 700 miles on a single tank of gas. The brand new MIVEC engine offers up to 42.8 mpg combined. Practicality, poise. The L200’s double-cab design will happily seat 5 adults total with three in the back, and it’ll do it in complete comfort. A generous 1,470mm square load bed sits 475mm deep, big enough to haul just about anything. Standard equipment is unparalleled, with a premium leather interior, LED interior lighting, satellite navigation and a rear reversing camera for safety.

L200 Features

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Rugged design

Rugged design

The Mitsubishi L200 has the heart of a rugged, working vehicle, and the bodywork of an urban cowboy. It’s designed to live up to the rough and tumble life of a hard-worker, but it’s stylish enough to have a date in the city.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Luxury as standard

Luxury as standard

With premium leather upholstery coming standard across the range, and satellite navigation, all wrapped in a spacious, airy, quiet interior, it’s hard not to feel like you’re sitting in the lap of luxury, even when you’re hard at work.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Super Select 4WD-II

Super Select 4WD-II

The Mitsubishi L200 comes standard with the Super Select 4WD-II system giving you the power to switch between 4WD and 2WD nice and easy. Off-road a centre differential and torque distributor get you there.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Proper off-road ability

Proper off-road ability

In addition to Super Select 4WD-II, the Mitsubishi L200 boasts ABS with EBD, Hill Hold, a high ground clearance and super-grip tyres. Soggy, off-road terrain? It’s not a problem for the L200.


Mitsubishi L200 5 Series
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series

More Features

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Double-cab practicality

Double-cab practicality

Thanks to its four-door, double-cab design, and the step-up rail, the L200 easily seats up to five occupants with generous all-around head room and leg room.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Massive load bed

Massive load bed

The L200 offers a competitive load bed measuring 1,470mm square and 475mm deep. Even with its four-door, double-cab design, that’s perfect for fitting a cover and hauling just about anything.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Affordable to run

Affordable to run

You will get up to 42.8 mpg combined, and could well see over 700 miles on a single tank of fuel. The L200 5 Series is one of the most fuel-efficient pick-up trucks in the world.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - M-ASTC


L200 is kept on track with an intelligent Active Stability and Traction Control system. If any slippage or loss of grip occurs, M-ASTC will stabilise the pickup and alter engine output.

L200 Colours

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Polar White

Polar White

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Electric Blue

Electric Blue

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Cosmos Black

Cosmos Black

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Aztec Red

Aztec Red

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Atlantic Grey

Atlantic Grey

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Amazon Green

Amazon Green

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New Mitsubishi L200
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